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Old buddy of mine Matthew Goldbach 72, my daughter Norea Ching 13 and myself Wai Won Ching 67, started on 15 Jan 2017 from Taipei, travelled south along the west coast and then back from the southern tip of Taiwan up north along the east coast.

About 1000 kms in 10 days. Averaging 100 km a day on 2 eZee Bolts and 1 eZee Street.

Staring off in Taipei with Mike Tseng of Roxim Technologies Inc. on 15 Jan2017

First stop for lunch at a fantastic beef noodle restaurant.

Stopping for a photo op.

One little girl One senior gentleman

Dinner of fish balls and rice

Café by the sea side, west coast of Taiwan

Ah Le Cafe - by the sea with some shade

Starting out morning of 20/1 from the hotel.

Charging batteries by the wayside restaurant before we hit the mountains 20/1

Norea Ching on the eZee Street, 20” wheel ebike.

A Little drizzle, no problem for us.

Great panoramic view on the east coast but strong head wind

Finaally - A short break!

All the way on Cycle Highway route no. 1

The eZee Bolt

Taking a break to charge battery at a restaurant, we were not dining there.

Dinner at one the best Hakka restaurant in Town, 每菜孔肉

22 Jan 2017 - 7 days into Taiwan adventure

Tropic of Cancer

Tea growing region of Taiwan Highlands, biggest tea pot in the world.

Italian Pizza and German Beer, dinner on 22/1

Queue at a local goose restaurant.

Local breakfast

23/1 - A very short train ride to by pass a very steep road with heavy traffic, not recommended for cycling.

24/1 - Lots of hotels with hot springs bath along the east coast.

25/1 - Misty mountains.

25th Jan 2017 - Journey coming to an end

25/1 - Mike took us to a great restaurant again, and escorted by on the last day back to Taipei

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