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Perth to Sydney - 5,600 km

The Ride

Continuing the eZeebike tradition of epic electric bicycle tours, we’re off for a big ride from Perth to Sydney from Aug 1 – Sep 14, 2013. We’ll be riding around the WA coast, then across the Nullarbor to Port Augusta, up to the Flinders Ranges, then Adelaide. Then hopefully via Melbourne and up to Albury, Kosciusko National Park for a few hills, connecting to an off road adventure through Namadgi National Park to bring our e-bikes into Canberra, then on to Australia’s spiritual home of the epic electric bicycle, Glow Worm Bicycles for a party on Friday Sep 13th from 5pm.

All welcome to join in on the ride at various points along the way including the last section in to Sydney. We’d also be stoked to play show and tell with our equipment to any bike shops or bike groups along the way and we would definitely appreciate hot meals and warm beds! Just contact us with ideas!

The Riders

The riding will be a party of 3 – head tech and tech head Abraham and product testing specialist Maurice, both of Glow Worm Bicycles and the CEO of eZeebike, rider of the famed 3000km offroad e-bike trip in Africa and rider of the Silk Road from Shanghai to Kashgar ( Kashi ), Wai Won Ching.

1st stop - Vineyard & wine tasting

The Bikes and Gadgets

Abraham and Maurice will both be on the newly released (in Australia) eZee Titanium Torq and Wai Won Ching will be on the eZee Expedir cargo bike, which will be carrying more than its fair share of food, water, camping supplies, batteries and chargers and will thus become in just 6 weeks, the most tested and challenged electric cargo bicycle on the market! We’ll also be testing out the newly released 36V 28Ah battery. For full specifications see our equipment page.

Abraham and Maurice on their eZee Torq Titanium

Abraham and Maurice on their eZee Torq Titanium Wai Won Ching on the eZee Expedir and 40 kgs of load

Send off in Perth by members local ebikes community

Forest Trail - Here We Go

Lunch break

Rain clouds throughout our journey for the first 7 days without a break

Here we go - Up, up and away

We made it! Stering Range Drive in pouring rain

Great facilities in Australia camp sites

Australia South Coast , Maurice and eZee Torq Titanium

All our eZeebikes navigating through the different terrain types without any significant problems.

Hmm... This looks like something... Any guess?

More dirt on the journey... From 4 lane path to 1 way path... ;p

Mountain biking with eZee Expedir Cargo Bike!

Reached Razorback Lookout... Nice!

Beautiful curves...

Civilisation!!!! Finally!!!

"Royal Welcome" with flowers by the roadside? ;p

Finally greeted by.... Koala?? The only Koala I met in Australia on the trip

Yes!!! We reached our final destination!!! Wait... Nope... That's how a bike lane ends... HERE....

Guess who I met? 2 pretty things looking to hitch an eZeeride. : )

Forget the bikes... Let's get on the submarine instead... ;p

It's back to the road again... Yass Valley with dirt road most of the way

More amazing scenery along the way...

Hellooooo Victoria!!!

Guys... Are we lost? Shortest route maybe? ;p

More forest trail...

No better time to catch a breather while admiring the mountains and do "eagle hunting"?

Be warn of the Road Train..... Oh... So this is what it looks like...

90 mile straight.... It's damn "straight" alright....

Yes!!! Wild life ahead... Let's go!!!

Anyone can help?? We are "standing" at the Emergency Sign

Yes! Finally something to show for our effort so far... Nullabor Desert Crossing... Hurray!!!

It's a "Blue Blue" Day - a lucky day - spotting a whale

Time to recharge our "ponies"

Spotted a quick brown fox that did not make it. Poor thing...

Look how strong the wind is.... The trees are all slanted... ;p

We arrived... Canberra, the Capital

A little more to go... Stanwell Tops...

Finally, we reached our destination... SYDNEY! : )

Evidence 1 - Sydney Darling Harbour

It's a wrap for this epic ride at our final stop - Sydney Opera House

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